Tucumán, cradle of the Independence of Argentina, is considered a technologic, scientific and productive center in the Argentinian Northwest. To promote the insertion process into new markets, IDEP puts at the disposal of the entrepreneurs, the appropriate tools and specific programs that allow them to grow, to enhance their competitiveness and to export.

Getting to know Tucumán

Due to its natural beauty, its wealth and the variety of its landscapes, among other characteristics, this province has been awarded the name of “Garden of the Republic”.

Tucumán is the smallest province out of the 23 provinces of the Argentine Republic, it is one of the most densely populated and a historic reference of the country: there, on 9th July 1816, Congressmen met at an old big house (which is nowadays a museum) placed in the center of San Miguel de Tucumán to declare the National Independence.

Agriculture is the main economic activity.


What is IDEP (Institute for the Productive Development of Tucumán)?

IDEP (Institute for the Productive Development of Tucuman) is an autarkic entity, which promotes investments, fosters exports and encourages industries of Tucuman to enhance their competitiveness. In order to carry out this mission, it works hand in hand with universities and other knowledge related institutions.

IDEP is the hinge between the State and the Private Sector that helps to reach a consensus, create and implement tools and policies for the productive development in Tucuman. IDEP was created by Law 7594 (passed on 25thJuly 2005), and it works as a mixed entity that is managed by a board whose members belong to the private and public sectors.

In Tucuman, IDEP channels assistance from...


Reasons to invest in Tucumán

Geographically speaking, Tucumán stands out due to its strategic location in the Argentine northwest region, which lends it an enormous attraction for any entrepreneurship with a regional vision. Besides, the existence of four high quality universities sets up this province as an academic reference center in the region and as a prolific cradle of the most diverse professionals, which becomes a vi

Within this framework, the IDEP Investments Promotion area seeks to provide the investors with the broadest technical assistance by giving them all the useful information required and by accompanying them all the time. We seek to generate more and better investments for Tucumán. /There are different reasons that turn Tucumán into an attractive province to invest.
We summarize the most...


Invest in our province

How can IDEP help you?

The IDEP Promotion Investment area provides technical assistance to businessmen who want to settle in Tucumán and to new entrepreneurs from Tucumán that are decided to turn their ideas into projects, and their projects into companies.

Tucuman in the world

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Tucumán is the most densely populated of the provinces of Argentina. Located in the Far North Region of Argentina, bounded by Salta in the north, Santiago del Estero in the east and south and Catamarca in the west and south. San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital of the province and it is located at 1.311 km. from Buenos Aires. It is the fifth biggest city of Argentina after Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and Mendoza, and it is also the most important city of Northern Argentina.

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