Reasons to invest in Tucumán


Geographically speaking, Tucumán stands out due to its strategic location in the Argentine northwest region, which lends it an enormous attraction for any entrepreneurship with a regional vision. Besides, the existence of four high quality universities sets up this province as an academic reference center in the region and as a prolific cradle of the most diverse professionals, which becomes a vi

Within this framework, the IDEP Investments Promotion area seeks to provide the investors with the broadest technical assistance by giving them all the useful information required and by accompanying them all the time. We seek to generate more and better investments for Tucumán. /There are different reasons that turn Tucumán into an attractive province to invest.
We summarize the most important ones as follows: /
1. Matchless Natural Resources /The province holds a unique natural wealth in its environment, where different varieties of climate and lands fit for cultivation can be highlighted. It is this variety and quality of natural resources what allows it to be competitive both in agriculture and in livestock. Besides, Tucumán is very well positioned for the development of biofuels due to its leadership within the sugar industry. /
2. Quality Human Resources /The existence of the four universities abovementioned sets this province as an important knowledge nod, which stretches throughout history and nowadays is still a synonym of innovation. Its technologic and research centers also speak clearly about its important potential to develop dynamic competitive advantages, which regard knowledge as a starting point. Its schooling level, much above that one of the rest of the provinces of the region, guarantees a level of knowledge that can match the huge challenges of the productive activity of these days. The high technical knowledge regarding production, due to educational institutions and to the historic heritage of its productive chains, guarantees a high level of knowledge. /
3.Geographic Positioning /Its historic positioning as the capital of the Argentine northwest region is strengthened by its proximity to bordering countries, its easy access and the quality of its infrastructure and means of transportation, which make possible the communication with the rest of the country. This is completed with a good means of transportation to Buenos Aires by land and by air. /
4. Relevance of its Internal Market /The existence of a market in the place adds up to all the abovementioned advantages. That is to say, the quantity of inhabitants and the presence of different industrial branches guarantee the highest consumption internal market in the region. /

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