What is IDEP (Institute for the Productive Development of Tucumán)?


IDEP (Institute for the Productive Development of Tucuman) is an autarkic entity, which promotes investments, fosters exports and encourages industries of Tucuman to enhance their competitiveness. In order to carry out this mission, it works hand in hand with universities and other knowledge related institutions.

IDEP is the hinge between the State and the Private Sector that helps to reach a consensus, create and implement tools and policies for the productive development in Tucuman. IDEP was created by Law 7594 (passed on 25thJuly 2005), and it works as a mixed entity that is managed by a board whose members belong to the private and public sectors.

In Tucuman, IDEP channels assistance from the main entities that promote exports and investments in the country such as Fundación Exportar, ProArgex, the CFI, Prosperar, Sepyme and Banco Nación. Besides, it is part of the Red Federal de Comercio Exterior Argentino (ReFeCEA, Argentine Foreign Trade Federal Network).

Actions to be performed by the IDEP:

+ Develop the Tucuman brand strategy.

+ Formulate the Productive Strategic Plan of the Province of Tucumán

+ Make a survey of the products offered that are fit to be exported. + Work with research centers to carry out sector studies of the productive reality of Tucumán.

Authorities IDEP board

Accountant Jorge Gassenbauer (President and Minister of Productive Development of the Province).
Ing. Juan Luis Fernandez (Executive Director)
Mr. Eduardo El Eter (representative of The Executive).
Dr. Carolina Vargas Aignasse (representative of The Executive).
Accountant Domingo Colombres (representative of the Private Sector).
Accountant Hector Viñuales (representative of the Private Sector).
Mr. Pablo Padilla (representative of the Private Sector).
Dr. Catalina Lonac (representative of the Private Sector).
Mr. Horacio Frías (representative of the Private Sector).
Ing. Raul Middagh (representative of the Private Sector).
Mr. Juan Rodriguez Prado (representative of the Private Sector).
Mr. Eduardo Temkin (representative of the Private Sector).


+ Strengthen the existing companies and promote the creation of new ones.

+ Promote productive restructuring within the farming, forest and industrial areas.

+ Promote the inclusion of added value to the productive chains.

+ Promote quality policies for productive chains through the creation of a trademark “Tucumán” and through the certification of international regulations.

+ Link the academic and research sectors to the productive activity.

+ Promote the internationalization of the companies of Tucumán through exportation.

+ Cooperate with the tourist development of the province.

+ Promote the settling of new industries in the Province of Tucumán. Roles of IDEP In order to foster the productive development of the Province, IDEP is carrying out different tasks.

Some of the roles it performs are:

+ Technically assist and advise companies and organizations so that they can improve their competitiveness through the updating and restructuring of their equipments and facilities.

+ Provide company training regarding new IT.

+ Assist developing companies in seeking funding and encourage them to adopt quality regulations.

+ Promote exchange and association between local and foreign companies, especially those from the Mercosur, Chile and the Andean Community.

+ Technically assist with the analysis, formulation and evaluation of investment projects.

+ Foster and help local companies to get into the international market through export programs, attendance to fairs, and by framing and coordinating commercial missions.

+ Participate in fairs and exhibitions to promote the tourist attractions of the province.

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