How can IDEP help you?


The IDEP Promotion Investment area provides technical assistance to businessmen who want to settle in Tucumán and to new entrepreneurs from Tucumán that are decided to turn their ideas into projects, and their projects into companies.

IDEP offers information about the legal aspects to be taken into account, the economic context, taxes and incentives that exist for the investors; and it even assists the entrepreneurs to formulate the Business Plan.

Those who are interested can come to IDEP, Maipú 41, 8th floor, San Miguel de Tucumán, or call by phone to: 0381-497-50-50 / 497-52-55 /497-51-55, or contact via mail to the following addresses: or (Dr. Fernando García Hamilton)

Among the roles of the investment area, the following can be highlighted:

- Assist and accompany entrepreneurs before, during and after the effective start up of the entrepreneurship.

- Create a bank of projects of investment to provide information of interest both to businessmen and to investors about the possible business opportunities.

- Elaborate an Investment Guide to gather all the necessary information of interest for the possible investor, in which, among others, legal conditions, potentialities of the province at a social, economic and educational level are stated.

- Advice and intermediation between investors and holders of the project ideas.

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